If you’re looking to improve your EHR offering with robust patient engagement features, you’ll ultimately face the decision to either have your team develop these features or partner with an established software company that already has them built out and in use.

Partnering offers benefits like lower development costs and a much shorter implementation timeline. That said, starting the initial partnership conversations with prospective patient engagement technology companies can be a tedious and frustrating process. 

How are you supposed to decide which company represents the best opportunity to add value to your EHR? To help your organization find the answer, we put together this free resource, A Guide to Selecting the Right Technology Partner for Your EHR.

Download the e-book to uncover: 

  • Why patient engagement is important for EHR vendors
  • What to look for when searching for a patient engagement partner
  • Why it’s essential to look beyond the patient portal 
  • Tips for forming a successful EHR partnership
  • How to improve patient engagement with the right partner

Be confident you’re partnering with the best patient engagement technology provider by downloading A Guide to Selecting the Right Technology Partner for Your EHR today.


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