There are three key steps to managing the vaccine rollout, and using the right tools is critical to the success of each. 

Scheduling Efficiency
Simple online self-scheduling, no app or login required. Automate eligibility validation to confirm or reject appointments and follow-up accordingly. 

Automated Outreach and Reminders
Send scheduling links, customized appointment reminders, surveys and follow-up messages. Deliver via email, text or phone call.

Patient Segmentation by Population
Get information to the right patients at the proper time. Build populations and automate tailored messages based on eligibility requirements (age, occupation, etc.) or appointment/vaccination history to schedule second shot.

InteliChart’s platform handles all three and delivers a complete, turnkey solution for keeping pace with vaccinating your patients at the right time.

See deployment solution in action

Prioritize your patient populations
InteliChart’s Patient Activate ensures you reach the right patients at the right time by identifying specific patient populations based on eligibility criteria such as age, co-morbidities, employment, or patients who need second shots. Patient Activate sends those patients texts or emails with pertinent instructions and a unique link to make an appointment through InteliChart’s Patient Schedule.
Barrier-free scheduling
With InteliChart’s Patient Schedule, patients simply click the link and self-schedule their vaccination appointment. No need to login to a portal or download an app. They can also make an appointment through your website, a Google search or social sites such as Facebook and Yelp.
Efficient Workflows
Patients will see real-time availability and once the appointment is selected, it books directly to your schedule. This triggers the delivery of electronic forms and mobile check-in.
Booking second vaccines
Patients who received their first round of vaccine will later receive an automated notification for their second round through a Patient Activate text/email and they can once again self-schedule their appointment through Patient Schedule.