This Month’s Healthcare IT News: Population Health

In recent years, population health has become an increasingly effective way for healthcare professionals to develop a stronger understanding and improve the health of their communities. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the need for proactive management of population health.

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Beyond Social Distancing: How to Protect Vulnerable Patient Populations

Now well into the COVID-19 pandemic, life is very different than it once was. Social distancing guidelines are anticipated to remain in effect for quite some time. As stay-at-home orders are lifted, vulnerable patient populations may still be cautious about going out—even for essential services such as grocery shopping and doctor’s appointments.

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[Infographic] The Journey to Population Health

Healthcare providers today are feeling the pressure to reduce rising healthcare costs and keep patients safe and healthy. To overcome these challenges, more focus must be placed on patient engagement tactics that target your riskiest populations. 

This infographic highlights how two patients with the same clinical and financial situation can have dramatically different outcomes based on their engagement levels, as well as the impact it can have on the patient, your practice, and the entire health system.

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Patient Engagement: The Cornerstone to Effective Population Health Management

InteliChart will be at next week’s National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Community Health Institute (CHI) in Chicago explaining how a strong patient engagement platform supports effective population health management.

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Population Health Management and More: Q&As with Beverly Barrett

Beverly Barrett, InteliChart Enterprise Engagement Sales Executive, answers questions about industry trends, population health management solutions, and broken coffeemakers.

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Population Health Management: A Conversation with Diane Conroy

Our conversation with Diane Conroy centers on how healthcare organizations can benefit from implementing a Population Health Management (PHM) initiative.

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Population Health Management Technology: A Care Manager’s Ally in Mastering MACRA's MIPS

Population health management (PHM) technology empowers healthcare providers to be successful in achieving quality goals that are the driving force behind the shift from volume-based to value-based care.

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Population Health Management Obstacles Overcome with Automated Interventions

Under value-based care models, keeping patients engaged and adherent to care plans outside of an organization’s four walls is becoming just as important as the care delivered inside.

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3 Ways to Address Opioid Abuse with a Population Health Management Solution

The U.S. is facing one of the worst public health crises in recent history. Opioid abuse has reached epic proportions, and both public and private institutions are struggling with how to respond effectively. In 2016, 11.5 million people misused prescription opioids, and 116 people died on average every day from opioid related drug overdoses.

Discover how your patient portal can support population health and lead your  organization to better patient outcomes with reduced costs.

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