Overcome These 3 Barriers and Improve Patient Access to Healthcare

Patient access to healthcare is a significant industry-wide area of concern that many stakeholders are committed to improving. When patients cannot access providers, it’s impossible for them to receive the care they need and deserve. The rise of retail health clinics is slowly improving patient access to healthcare, and it’s simultaneously creating competition for traditional practices because these clinics offer more flexible hours and cost transparency.

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5 Things Patients Expect—but Aren’t Getting—from Their Healthcare Experience

Patient needs are changing, and healthcare practices are scrambling to meet evolving expectations. Although the gap is narrowing between what providers deliver and what patients want and expect in a healthcare experience, there’s still room for improvement.

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How Connected Health Technology Enhances Patient Engagement

Healthcare as we’ve known it has completely changed. As the Internet of Things (IoT) and health information technologies (HIT) continue to grow and evolve, healthcare professionals are seeing more and more how better connectivity can improve the patient experience, as well as engagement, satisfaction, and health outcomes.

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