Looking Beyond COVID-19: What’s Next for Patient Engagement?

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed many aspects of the healthcare industry, including how care is delivered, how technology is used, and everything in between. Now as we begin looking beyond the pandemic, healthcare leaders must determine what these changes mean for the future of patient engagement and how practices should take note over the next year to prepare for what’s to come. 

What’s next for patient engagement in a post-COVID-19 era? Here’s our take:

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4 Strategies Pediatric Clinics Can Use to Increase Patient Retention

Getting patients in the door initially is only the first step when it comes to running a successful healthcare practice. For many, the true challenge lies in delivering top-quality care that keeps patients coming back, especially amid the ever-evolving expectations of the modern healthcare consumer.

With that said, pediatric clinics can forge stronger patient relationships and ensure greater patient retention by adopting the following strategies.

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[Infographic] Build vs. Partner: How to Make the Right Choice When Developing for Patient Engagement

As patient engagement solutions become a necessity for driving customer retention among healthcare providers, EHRs are faced with a dilemma: Build their own patient engagement tool-set or partner with an already established platform. 

Which makes the most sense for your company, revenue, and budget? In this infographic, we compare each approach to help you decide.

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Why Your Patient Portal Needs to Offer a Great User Experience

Today’s healthcare consumers expect seamless digital experiences, your patients included. Healthcare practices aim to deliver patient-centered care and align with modern consumer expectations, but doing so requires arming patients with the tools and resources they need—which starts with the patient portal.

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How Practices Are Using Technology to Enhance Patient Engagement

These days, engaging and empowering patients to take an active role in their own care is a top priority for healthcare practices of all shapes and sizes. Providers are increasingly recognizing the many benefits to strong patient engagement, such as better care outcomes and reducing healthcare spending.

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6 Benefits of Partnering with a Patient Engagement Technology Provider

Many of today’s electronic health records (EHR) vendors recognize the value in enhancing their platform with patient engagement technology. When looking to do this, they typically have three choices: either build the technology in-house, partner with an existing company, or buy a new solution by way of an acquisition.

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How a Patient Engagement Technology Can Promote Practice Growth

Achieving positive patient outcomes is the number one goal for healthcare practices. Amid ever-evolving consumer expectations, rapid technological advancements, and the shift from volume-based to value-based care, attaining healthy outcomes has become an even higher priority.

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This Month’s Healthcare IT News: Population Health

In recent years, population health has become an increasingly effective way for healthcare professionals to develop a stronger understanding and improve the health of their communities. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the need for proactive management of population health.

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6 Patient Engagement Strategies to Increase Retention

Healthcare has never been more competitive than it is today. The rise of healthcare consumerism has completely changed the game. Modern consumers have higher expectations in terms of the cost, quality, and type of care they receive. They’re also more willing than ever before to switch providers in pursuit of a better care experience when those expectations aren’t being met.

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5 Barriers to Value-Based Care and How to Overcome Them

The shift from volume-based to value-based care has completely transformed the healthcare industry. Value-based care is a form of reimbursement in which providers are paid for care delivery based on the quality of care provided.

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