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Is Your Patient Portal Built for Your Patient’s Convenience?

These days, nearly every healthcare practice uses some type of portal to engage patients and improve health outcomes. A recent survey revealed that 90 percent of healthcare organizations offer portal access to their patients. However, despite this widespread adoption, the same survey found that less than one-third of patients actively use the portal available to them.

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4 Ways COVID-19 Is Transforming the Future of Telehealth

COVID-19 has drastically changed everything about our society, from the ways we live and work, to the economy and the healthcare system. It has permanently transformed care delivery and the landscape of telehealth—and those changes are likely here to stay.

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Improve Your Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) with These 4 Tactics

Today’s healthcare consumers have much higher expectations than ever before. They want and demand quality, personalized care experiences—and if they’re not satisfied, they’re certainly not afraid to jump ship.

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4 Benefits of Digitizing the Patient Intake Process

The patient intake process can be quite cumbersome and can cause headaches for your already strained ancillary medical staff and patients alike. Paper forms are slow, prone to error, and simply outdated. These days, it seems like nearly everything is going digital—why shouldn’t your patient intake process follow suit?

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Beyond Social Distancing: How to Protect Vulnerable Patient Populations

Now well into the COVID-19 pandemic, life is very different than it once was. Social distancing guidelines are anticipated to remain in effect for quite some time. As stay-at-home orders are lifted, vulnerable patient populations may still be cautious about going out—even for essential services such as grocery shopping and doctor’s appointments.

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